Information about Snowdrop

How it works

How it works and FAQs

Snowdrop is simple.  If you would like to see your loved and adored communion dress bring joy and happiness to another little girl, then sign up and add your item.  You can chose to add a dress, shoes or accessories.  

If you are looking for a special dress with plenty of love already provided, then look no further and scroll through Snowdrop to find just what you need.

What details should I add to my listing?
We recommend that you put in as much detail as possible.  For example, describe the fabric, the detailing, any special elements.  Also include measurements, so the length from top to bottom and the waist in particular.

Should I add photographs to my listing?
Yes absolutely!  It is really important to make your item look as presentable as possible and full of the love that you have put into it.  Photographs can be tricky to get right so if you would like some help improving the quality of the photos, then please email and we will be very happy to help.

Should I dry clean my outfit?
If your dress is not in as bought condition, then we do recommend that you dry clean it before it is listed.  We can arrange this on your behalf for a fee in our Dublin studio.  Please contact for more info.